Friday, June 28, 2013

Red White & Blue

Are they Patriotic or are they Nautical?

I think they'd work for either…

Sterling Silver with Red Coral, Zebra Stone (these beads are white-only), and Sodalite (a very deep blue with a bit of white marbling).

Yes, they're for sale, click here for info.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Small bits of progress...

I'm working on a couple larger complex pieces, but while doing that I've managed to finish a couple smaller items…

Long Sterling Silver Heart-Vine earrings.

Sodalite (very deep blue with white marbling) and Sterling Silver earrings.

Yes, they are for sale… check here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Special Requests...

I've been working on a couple special requests…

This first piece is similar to a prototype piece made previously (in case it looks a little familiar), I was asked to do something "like" the prototype for someone who likes to keep things "simple".

Sterling Silver with a Water Garnet… unfortunately the photos don't show how pretty the stone is - it's a beautiful purple & aqua colored stone.

A closer look shows the marbling in the stone… the stone is set in a fine silver backless bezel, topped off with a sweet little heart-vine decoration made of sterling silver - yes, that's another heart peeking out from behind.  The "back" looks basically the same as the front.

For this second piece a specific stone was selected, and I was asked to make something "unique" for someone who would appreciate a "statement piece".

Sterling Silver with a piece of Fossilized Coral.  I had been wanting to try making a piece like this, but hadn't gotten to it yet - I have a bit of a backlog of ideas.

The "frame" is made of a sterling rectangular wire, the lattice behind the stone (yes, it continues behind) is made of 20 gauge round sterling wire.

Sorry, these are not for sale, but if you would like something "like" either of these pieces just drop me a line by sending an email to or leaving a Comment on this post.

Hearts & Kisses…

Yes, more earrings, and this time some with hearts...

These heart earrings are similar to ones I've made as part of my Garden Walls collection, I'm planning on doing more along these lines, this is a cute little short pair.  Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver with Red Creek Jasper squares - these particular stones are predominately Red & Gold.

Sterling Silver with Red Creek Jasper squares & circles - these stones are predominately Gold with Dark Brown veining.

Sterling Silver with Red Creek Jasper circles - these stones are predominately Gold with Dark Brown veining.

If interested in purchasing earrings e-mail or place a Comment on this post, pricing information can be found here…

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Modeling Grace...

Here I am, modeling another of my pieces… photo quality is so-so because it's from my phone (so I can take a picture of myself)… but it gives an idea of scale - and this is a large piece.

This time I'm modeling Grace, follow the link to learn more about her - she has quite a story.

Here's her closeup… but the photos never do the pieces or the stones justice…