Monday, November 3, 2014

I've been Quiet in order to make some Noise!!

Hi there!
    Did you wonder if I was gone for good???
        Why have I been so quiet???

Well... there have been lots of reasons... but the biggest one is this: I was getting my displays ready for a commercial show - yep, full public access at this one (EEK!!)...  All I've done previously are a couple home-based boutiques & a couple private showings, so I'm breaking new ground.

Here's the show info, it's this Saturday...  and I've got another one coming in about a month... both reasonably close to home (the one next month is closer than this one)...

I needed desperately to update my displays to make them more secure... some of this might not look all that different, but it is very different in how it's put together... here's some shots of my current setup (don't mind my messy basement):

The "multi-picture frames" went through major renovations... and I've now got 3 of them (previously only had 2).

The little Dressform earring display is new, something I found at Hobby Lobby & adapted to hold earrings... I made custom hangers for the little earring cards out of black paper clips.  The mirror is new, got it on the cheap, I really needed a mirror.  The large boxes look like books (picture doesn't show them well) that reflect an "old world traveler" feel - each has gold edges that match my little gold boxes for my jewelry.  You can see a bit of my Thanksgiving themed display items...

More of my Thanksgiving themed display items shown here - I do plan on putting some pretty bows on the displays once at the show - I have a roll of deep orange (think pumpkin) netted ribbon that sparkles.  In this picture you can see (under the multi-picture frame on the right) another new smaller earring holder - this was one of my bargain finds & rotates...

So... I'm not finishing any jewelry recently (several items in the works), but you can tell by the picture I'm fully stocked (and then some) for a show... so I'm focusing on getting some of this stuff sold before I start building my inventory again.

Looking forward to Saturday!!  Hope to see you there!!