Friday, July 31, 2015

Drips & Circles...

A fresh batch of earrings...  and introducing my Drips...

Wide Drips in Sterling Silver with pale blue Amazonite.

Mini Drips in Sterling Silver with Heat Treated Coral
(heat treating brings out the orange color).

Circled Stones in Sterling Silver with Leopard Jasper.

Wide Drips in Sterling Silver with black/grey Amazonite.

Mini Drips in Sterling Silver with Apatite.

Circled Stones in Sterling Silver with dyed Blue Impression Jasper.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Another Path in the Garden...

A couple years ago I created one of my most difficult pieces... I learned a lot but at the time thought "I'm never doing this again!!"... and then, a family member asked me to recreate the piece with a couple variations... I couldn't say no... So...

Here is Garden Path II:

This is her predecessor (with earrings), so you can see the variations...

I was asked to use different colored stones which were a bit larger, but keep the piece the same overall size.  I was also asked to do a different sort of "leaf", and no earrings were requested.

Here's some pictures of the work as it was in process...

Using previous instructions from my first Garden Path,
 I cut heavy 1/2 round wire to size.

The Amazonite stones that had been selected, laid out in order.

Working on the leaves, the left is a rough-cut, the right is shaped/formed.

Leaves with their stems soldered in place.

Ready to shape some of the heavy wire.

Grinding down the heavy wire to form a tight solder joint.

She's taking shape.

Soldering the last piece of heavy wire in place.

Main Body soldered together.

Leaves soldered in place, Bezels created.
I only had 1 mishap... actually a series of mishaps... it was the first time I tried to solder the bezels in place... I got it figured out eventually...

Bezels soldered in place, ready to set the stones.

Stones set, ready for her sanding & polishing, then for a chain.

Here she is again, in final form...