Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I do when waiting for a service call....

I was stuck at home today, waiting on the guys who get my sprinkler system up & running in Spring, so while I was stuck at home I finished a few earrings...  Oh, and I've been stuck at home anyway because my car up & died (bummer)...

Custom request from a friend, Red Creek Jasper & Sterling Silver.

Fire Agate & Black Stone & Sterling Silver.

Magnesite Skulls & Sterling Silver

 Water Garnet & Sterling Silver

Rhodochrosite  & Sterling Silver

Dyed Blue Impression Jasper & Black Stone & Sterling Silver

Black Line Agate & Angelite  & Sterling Silver

Black Stone & dyed Pink Coral & Sterling Silver

Red Creek Jasper & Sterling Silver

Rose Quartz & Black Stone & Sterling Silver

Black Line Agate & dyed Blue Jade & Sterling Silver

Feldspar & Zebra Jade  & Sterling Silver

Black Stone & Red Coral & Sterling Silver

Red Coral & Larvakite & Sterling Silver

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flowers & Rivers & Critters...

Continuing with my Spring-themed items...

"Meander" - this piece reminds me of a meandering river... Blue Kyanite & Sterling Silver.

"Aster-a-Buzz" - Yes, that's a photo I took of a Bee on an Aster in my garden (last year).
Photo has a gel-coating & is set in Silver.