Saturday, May 2, 2015

Two New Pieces Completed Today...

Most times I've got several things going at a time, this time I just happened to finish two pieces on the same day (thanks to a treatment that had to dry on one)...

First: "Grounded" - a Mountain scene...

"Grounded" - Sterling & Fine Silver, Morrisite (from Oregon),
with "boulders" of Shibuichi (a blend of Copper & Silver).
I purposefully exposed the "boulders" to a warm humid environ in order to obtain the interesting gold-ish color.   The Shibiuchi was then treated with a protective coating to preserve the color.

"Grounded" - angled view.

Second: "Aspire" - an modernistic piece... not sure why I picked this name for her, it just seemed to fit.

"Aspire" - Sterling & Fine Silver, Bumble Bee Jasper,
with spheres of Fine Silver.

"Aspire" - angled view.