Thursday, December 11, 2014

Phew! Done with my re-organizing chore!!

I've just finished reorganizing my page that has Items Available for Purchase.... Prices are now included in the listings, I hope you like the updated look/feel.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Uh-Oh... I'm out-of-date!!


I've been crazy busy with a couple shows and have not updated this blog... Naughty ME!!

So... I'm going to re-organize a bit, and I'm toying with investing in an online store, but before I do that I'm going to do some serious updating & some re-organizing of my current pages displaying items for sale... they're mostly ok, a few things have sold & and a few others need to be added... but I want to add pricing information and organize things a bit more differently... so hold on folks, I can only work so fast...

Hang in there with me... this is a time-consuming process!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

I've been Quiet in order to make some Noise!!

Hi there!
    Did you wonder if I was gone for good???
        Why have I been so quiet???

Well... there have been lots of reasons... but the biggest one is this: I was getting my displays ready for a commercial show - yep, full public access at this one (EEK!!)...  All I've done previously are a couple home-based boutiques & a couple private showings, so I'm breaking new ground.

Here's the show info, it's this Saturday...  and I've got another one coming in about a month... both reasonably close to home (the one next month is closer than this one)...

I needed desperately to update my displays to make them more secure... some of this might not look all that different, but it is very different in how it's put together... here's some shots of my current setup (don't mind my messy basement):

The "multi-picture frames" went through major renovations... and I've now got 3 of them (previously only had 2).

The little Dressform earring display is new, something I found at Hobby Lobby & adapted to hold earrings... I made custom hangers for the little earring cards out of black paper clips.  The mirror is new, got it on the cheap, I really needed a mirror.  The large boxes look like books (picture doesn't show them well) that reflect an "old world traveler" feel - each has gold edges that match my little gold boxes for my jewelry.  You can see a bit of my Thanksgiving themed display items...

More of my Thanksgiving themed display items shown here - I do plan on putting some pretty bows on the displays once at the show - I have a roll of deep orange (think pumpkin) netted ribbon that sparkles.  In this picture you can see (under the multi-picture frame on the right) another new smaller earring holder - this was one of my bargain finds & rotates...

So... I'm not finishing any jewelry recently (several items in the works), but you can tell by the picture I'm fully stocked (and then some) for a show... so I'm focusing on getting some of this stuff sold before I start building my inventory again.

Looking forward to Saturday!!  Hope to see you there!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Slow in Summer...

Yep, once the snow melts here in the northern U.S. I get busy outside... so I've been out in the gardens rather than in my studio... but in the mean time there have been a few new things.  I disassembled & reworked a couple pieces, up-cycled an old earring to make a necklace, and this is the results.

A new necklace made from parts from one of my previous necklace creations, this wears much easier than the original.

"Nautical" - Sterling Silver with Sodalite, Red Coral & an unknown white stone.

Another new necklace made from parts of a previous piece, this also wears much easier than the original.

"Fiesta" - Sterling Silver & Red Coral

A sampling of the earrings made from the leftover bits from the two necklaces that had been deconstructed... I try not to waste anything!!

Sterling Silver & Red Coral Loop & Swirl earrings on posts.

Sterling Silver & Red Coral triple dangle earrings.

Sterling Silver, Red Coral, & unknown white stone.  Loop & Swirl on posts.
Something old with something new...  The center "drop" on this piece is not my work, it is an old earring (sterling silver with an unknown stone) that I worked into a necklace.

"Chocolate Drop" - Sterling Silver with an unknown brown/black stone.
I'm always busy... and though I'm itching to get more time in the studio my studio time is limited for a while... so be patient, there's more to come!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I do when waiting for a service call....

I was stuck at home today, waiting on the guys who get my sprinkler system up & running in Spring, so while I was stuck at home I finished a few earrings...  Oh, and I've been stuck at home anyway because my car up & died (bummer)...

Custom request from a friend, Red Creek Jasper & Sterling Silver.

Fire Agate & Black Stone & Sterling Silver.

Magnesite Skulls & Sterling Silver

 Water Garnet & Sterling Silver

Rhodochrosite  & Sterling Silver

Dyed Blue Impression Jasper & Black Stone & Sterling Silver

Black Line Agate & Angelite  & Sterling Silver

Black Stone & dyed Pink Coral & Sterling Silver

Red Creek Jasper & Sterling Silver

Rose Quartz & Black Stone & Sterling Silver

Black Line Agate & dyed Blue Jade & Sterling Silver

Feldspar & Zebra Jade  & Sterling Silver

Black Stone & Red Coral & Sterling Silver

Red Coral & Larvakite & Sterling Silver

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flowers & Rivers & Critters...

Continuing with my Spring-themed items...

"Meander" - this piece reminds me of a meandering river... Blue Kyanite & Sterling Silver.

"Aster-a-Buzz" - Yes, that's a photo I took of a Bee on an Aster in my garden (last year).
Photo has a gel-coating & is set in Silver.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Fresh Batch of Earrings...

I've been working on Earrings for the last several days, finally have some pictures to show....

Dyed Quartzite (color is like Red Grapes) with textured Sterling Silver on Posts.

Dyed Quartzite with fish-scale textured Sterling Silver.

Textured fish-scale Sterling Silver.

Rainforest Jasper (green).

Rainforest Jasper (gold).

Green dyed Impression Jasper with Textured Copper Hearts.

Pink dyed Coral with textured Sterling Silver.

Blue dyed Jade.

Sodalite with textured Sterling Silver.

Dyed pinks & purples Quartzite with textured Sterling Silver Hearts.

Sodalite with textured Sterling Silver.

Dyed pink Coral multi-dangles.

Angelite with textured Sterling Silver Butterflies.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spiritual Impressions...

I was playing around again with textures & making impressions, these are the fruit of my experiments:

"Fisher of Men" - Cross impression on fish-scale textured Sterling Silver,
adjustable to approximately 16"/18"/20". 

"Ichthus" - Ichthus impression on fish-scale textured Sterling Silver,
adjustable to approximately 16"/18"/20". 

Flowers Anyone?

I live in Minnesota... we may have S**w again tomorrow (it's a 4-letter word these days)... so I won't be seeing blooms in my gardens for a while...

As a cure for the it's-been-too-long-a-winter blues I made these little pieces using my photos from my garden from last year.

"Pink Torenia" - photo set on a copper backing, gel-coating on top, set in Silver,
adjustable to 16"/18"/20".

"Pink Phlox" - photo set on a copper backing, gel-coating on top, set in Silver,
adjustable to 16"/18"/20".

"Pink Gladiolus" - photo set on a copper backing, gel-coating on top, set in Silver,
adjustable to 16"/18"/20".