Friday, October 16, 2015

New & Updated...

Here are a couple new things (one is already sold) & an update....

First up is a new piece: Felicity

Felicity - Necklace in Sterling & Fine Silver with a Pink Opal

Also new, but already sold, is: Camille <she has two sides>
Note: she doesn't photograph well, much prettier in person, so glad the person who picked her up was able to view her first hand - it was a "love at first sight" purchase.

Camille (1 of 2) - Necklace in Sterling & Fine Silver
with a Shibuichi Ingot - this side has the rough side
of the Ingot & a frosted finish that continues on to the bail.
Camille (2 of 2) - this side has the smooth side of the
Ingot & a shiny finish.

A much needed update was made to: Savannah

   This is her OLD Look:
This is the Before photo - she's a bit "rough" compared to my later
pierced pieces, and her tiny stone didn't wear well... and I didn't like her finish.

   This is her NEW Look:
      She doesn't photo well due to her mirror polish, but she's quite lovely... and that
      stone is a very dark green...
Savannah - Sterling Silver with a mirror polish
with Indian Aventurine (very dark green stone)