Friday, July 11, 2014

Slow in Summer...

Yep, once the snow melts here in the northern U.S. I get busy outside... so I've been out in the gardens rather than in my studio... but in the mean time there have been a few new things.  I disassembled & reworked a couple pieces, up-cycled an old earring to make a necklace, and this is the results.

A new necklace made from parts from one of my previous necklace creations, this wears much easier than the original.

"Nautical" - Sterling Silver with Sodalite, Red Coral & an unknown white stone.

Another new necklace made from parts of a previous piece, this also wears much easier than the original.

"Fiesta" - Sterling Silver & Red Coral

A sampling of the earrings made from the leftover bits from the two necklaces that had been deconstructed... I try not to waste anything!!

Sterling Silver & Red Coral Loop & Swirl earrings on posts.

Sterling Silver & Red Coral triple dangle earrings.

Sterling Silver, Red Coral, & unknown white stone.  Loop & Swirl on posts.
Something old with something new...  The center "drop" on this piece is not my work, it is an old earring (sterling silver with an unknown stone) that I worked into a necklace.

"Chocolate Drop" - Sterling Silver with an unknown brown/black stone.
I'm always busy... and though I'm itching to get more time in the studio my studio time is limited for a while... so be patient, there's more to come!