Thursday, September 19, 2013

Made with lotsa Heart(s)...

I'm still working on special requests, one from my aunt that is giving me a little trouble & is one of those pieces that requires lots of waiting between steps… I've also been prepping for another special request, and this one involves little hearts, so while doing that prep I made some extra little hearts & these earrings are the results!!

Sterling Silver with Copper Single-Heart Dangles
(hearts are Copper)
Sterling Silver Single-Heart dangles
Sterling Silver with Copper Triple-Heart Dangles
(hearts are Copper)
Sterling Silver Triple-Heart Dangles
Sterling Silver Mix with Copper Triple-Heart Dangles
(4 hearts are Copper - the shortest & longest ones)

Yes, they're for sale… click here for purchasing information.

Monday, September 16, 2013

For someone special...

I don't take many special requests… why?  They eat up more time than my normal work & sometimes cause me frustration… but every once in a while…

So my aunt saw a piece my hubby had suggested for last Easter, and she wanted it… except she wanted a different colored stone… you wouldn't think finding a different color stone would cause that much trouble, but it can… in this case I had trouble finding a stone that was the right color, with the right sort of look (needed to resemble coloring of a natural boulder), and in a size that would work…

I found the stone a couple months ago, but in the mean time my aunt also asked me to do another piece "like" one I had made for my Mom, a piece with a photo on a heart… so of course I said "ok", but, yep, you guessed it, I had some trouble getting the photo to work (it had to be manipulated)…

I don't like setbacks, and so I've been dragging my feet a bit… but finally I'm making progress.  This one is done, the other should be done soon (I hope)…

Sterling Silver "Empty Tomb" with a Porcelain Jasper stone

I Love You Aunt Diane!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More little bits...

Ok, you're probably wondering if all I do anymore is earrings… NO!!

I'm in the middle of some special requests, which at this time I'm trying to limit, and as I work on them I do prep work on the silver for the earrings (during times when I have a process that needs a few minutes to stew, or when I need to think).  I also do this sort of prep work as I'm working on my own new ideas, or more complex pieces, etc… so making the silver bits for the earrings keeps me from having non-productive time.  Then, in the evening when I watch a little TV to numb my brain before bed, I do the assembly work on the earrings - putting the stones on & forming the swirls & attaching the ear wires.

Phew!!  Glad to get that out, even if it didn't come out clearly…

So, as I've been struggling with a couple pieces requested by my aunt I've been putting together some of my KISS (Keep It Super Simple) earrings - which take more time than you'd think… so here's the latest little batch… enjoy!!

Sterling Silver & Green Impression Jasper (dyed)

Sterling Silver & dyed Jade

Sterling Silver & Black Line Agate (triples)

Sterling Silver & Blue Impression Jasper (dyed)

Sterling Silver & Jasper (triples)
Yes, they're for sale, info can be found here...

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Drop in the Bucket...

Still trying to build up my inventory, and it is slow… like a dripping faucet… so these little drops are in line with my pace… yes, they're for sale, info can be found here.

Sterling Silver & Feldspar

Sterling Silver & "Black Stone" (don't blame me, that's what the product info said)

Sterling Silver & Angelite (stone color is a french blue)

Sterling Silver & Feldspar

Sterling Silver & Indian Aventurine

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bits & Pieces...

I'm trying to build up inventory, I'd like to be able to do a small show this Fall, so I'm doing lots of earrings because they're smaller & simpler & thus faster to make (that's why I call them KISS - Keep It Super Simple)…  I've been doing mostly earrings with little whorls, getting a series done, but I've got other ideas I'm trying to get to as well… so expect to see a lot of earrings for a while…

Here's the latest batch cooked up in my studio…  all available for purchase here.

Sterling Silver with Amethyst

Sterling Silver with Pink Quartz

Sterling Silver with Red Creek Jasper (singles)

Sterling Silver with Red Creek Jasper (doubles)

Sterling Silver with Red Creek Jasper (triples)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sorry fans, this one's already spoken for… but I thought I'd show her to you…  I call this style "Whorls"… I've named this one "Twisted Suzie", partly due to her owner…

She's made of Sterling Silver & Zebra Stone.

Twisted Suzie, Necklace & Earrings.

Twisted Suzie, Pendant closeup