Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bella Blue, another lovely bloom...

Update: this set is for sale, click here to find out how to purchase.

Here's another of my Flores Encantadoras, this one I'm calling "Bella Blue…

"Bella Blue" - Sterling Silver & dyed Magnesite

This lovely bloom is made from Sterling Silver and has a dyed Magnesite stone bead.  This piece involved a significant amount of labor due to the filigree work.  Paired with some simple earrings that nod to the filigree work in the pendant.

"Bella Blue" closeup
For those who may be wondering, I'm still in the process of setting up shop… when I'm set up to sell there will be an announcement on this blog.

Sweet Pink, a lovely bloom

Update: this set is for sale, click here to find out how to purchase.

Here's a lovely lady, I call her "Sweet Pink"…

Sweet Pink - Sterling Silver with Rhodochrosite bead

A pretty bloom made from stirling silver, with sweet little hearts and a pretty pink Rhodochrosite stone bead.

Sweet Pink - closeup
This is the second in a collection I'm going to name Flores Encantadoras (Portuguese for Lovely Blooms).  If you don't remember the first prototype piece she can be found here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Something Elegant...

Update: this set is now for sale, click here to find out how to purchase.

I wanted to try my hand at something simple but elegant…  I also wanted to try using a very heavy (6 gauge) silver wire… this is the result.

"Sophia" - Red Creek Jasper set in Sterling Silver.
I named this after a woman I think of as both elegant & strong, Sophia Loren.  The pendant is a large rectangular stone with a 6 gauge 1/2 round silver wire decoration, earrings are small circular stones with 10 gauge 1/2 round silver wire.

"Sophia" pendant closeup.
This is the first in what I hope will be a series that I'm thinking I'll call my Elegance Collection.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Building my Garden Walls

I've been doing much better, so I've been in the studio a bit this week working on a series based on a piece I had done that has gotten lots of nice feedback.  All pieces in this series are Sterling Silver with Pink Jasper.

Garden Wall #1 (Prototype), Annette's Garden
This was my Prototype piece which I originally named "Garden Wall", I've now repurposed that name for this series of pieces.  The stone is structural yet rugged, the frame reminds me of a mortar joint, then there are vines growing on the wall.  I paired it with a couple vine-like earrings to make it a set.  I've now modified the name to "Annette's Garden", since this reminds me of my gardens - somewhat loose in structure but still nice and tidy.  If you follow this blog (or follow me on Pinterest) you've likely seen this piece before.

Garden Wall #1, Annette's Garden closeup

Update: the following sets are now available for purchase, click here to find out how.

Garden Wall #2, English Cottage Garden
This is the second in the series, this is a bit smaller than the first, with a little square stone, paired with a short set of vine earrings.  Very neat and tidy this made me think of a cute quaint English Cottage Garden.

Garden Wall #2, English Cottage Garden closeup

Garden Wall #3, Wildflower Garden
This is the third in the series, with a small broken stone & purposefully "broken" frame implying an aged wall, with earrings that are a bit tangled.  This made me think of a Wildflower Garden, unkempt but beautiful in its natural imperfection.

Garden Wall #3, Wildflower Garden closeup

Garden Wall #4, Estate Garden
This is the fourth in the series, very neatly structured and tidy this evokes an Estate Garden, the earrings as well are very neat.  This is a well manicured and orderly garden, but one that has some history.  The wall itself though nice and neat has a gouge that naturally occurs with time.  The stone used had a gouge, and I purposefully gouged the frame to match (see detail photo below).

Garden Wall #4, Estate Garden closeup

Garden Wall #4, Estate Garden detail
I've moved on to other things for a while, but hope to build more Garden Walls in the future.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where have I been and what am I doing???

Well… I had a little mishap… I live in a cold place and sometimes that causes problems… I slipped & fell on the ice, face first into my driveway… the short version is I ended up with a banged up chin, scraped up left hand, and a cracked rib… If you'd like the long version you can follow the link to my main blog :)

In the meantime, I got a rolling mill (see my previous post about trying one out), and only today was feeling up to shifting it around so I could finish getting it unpacked and cleaned….

So working on my jewelry has been on hold (ho-hum)… but I'm planning on getting down into the studio tomorrow (as long as I'm still feeling better - hope I didn't overdo it today)… so I hope to have something to show soon…

In the meantime I snapped a couple pictures at our favorite local music store, and I'm thinking about doing some music-inspired jewelry (someday)…

They're already jewelry-like, not sure what direction I want to go with this…

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little something something...

I've really enjoyed my time in my metalworking class (see Playgrounds tab), and I've learned so much, but I really need to spend time working on my own and getting better at what I already know… so…  I was having my last day as a "regular" at Kirk's studio yesterday, and as such wanted to try doing a couple things I hadn't done before… one of which was to create a textured surface using a Rolling Mill - and I had a lot of fun doing that (don't know why I never tried it before)!!

I ended up with lots of little copper bits with fun textures, and I started making things out of them willy-nilly… and ended up with two fun & funky rings…

This one's curly-q ends up setting like a stone would set on top of the finger…

I used a hand-saw to cut out this little heart… this piece is fun & comfortable to wear & just plain makes me smile!!

Here's a photo I snapped with my phone of me wearing it (oops, a bit out of focus)…

That's all for now, I have more textured copper lying around that I'll probably make earrings or a necklace out of eventually… :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

That's much better...

I'd been a bit unhappy with a piece I made a couple weeks ago… it was one of my Whimsical Hearts pieces, the one with the skull bead… it just wasn't working for me… so today I reworked it, and I like this much better.

This now has three smaller hearts hanging down… no skull… Large heart is torch-fire enameled copper with a coating on the back to keep it from staining skin/clothes, the rest is sterling silver.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Water Garnet in Silver...

I love the colors of this stone, greens & purplish-pinks…

I decided on a nice simple setting - a backless bezel with a vine-like decoration…

Much simpler than my last piece, but beautiful in its own right...

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Finally Done!!

You really can't tell from this picture what a pretty piece this turned out to be… the subtle changes side-to-side from rounded to flat… the hand bent little heart-shaped leaves… the wide variety & depth of color in the stones...

This finally got finished this evening, and though it may not look like it this is my most difficult piece to date - by far!!  More heart & sweat & pain & time in this one than any of my others…

This piece is Sterling Silver (bezels are Fine Silver), made with 10 gauge 1/2 round wire, and has 6 small Red Creek Jasper stones set in backless bezels...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Favor For Mom

When I was a teenager my Dad bought my Mom & I matching Turquoise rings. Each had a rather large Turquoise stone which worked ok for me (I have large hands) but was huge on my Mom's slender hands (she wears a 4.5 on her ring finger).  My Dad passed away several years ago, so gifts from Dad are precious to all of us…

I knew Mom wasn't likely to wear the ring, so I offered to remount the stone in a pendant… I thought I'd do a double-heart motif, but that ended up being rather large & Mom doesn't go for large necklaces… so I called Mom & told her that wouldn't work, and she gave me carte blanche - that's right, she's not seen it & doesn't know what it looks like.  She'll only know what it looks like if one of her sisters shows her an online picture (which would be ok).

This piece challenged me, I was working with a heavy wire (that's a 1/2 round wire around the edges) and having to work it around the bezel.  Also I soldered the base of the bezel so that it would attach in the middle of the wire - on the back you can see that it's raised up in the center.

I've learned a few things, and hopefully I'll remember what I learned the next time I try a piece like this.  The hard work on this is complete, now I just need to get a lobster-claw clasp (I have some on order) and attach it to one end of the chain… then it will be ready to ship off to Mom - I hope she likes it!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Garden Wall...

I'm calling this "Garden Wall"… that's what it makes me think of… a stone wall with vines…  made with Sterling Silver and Jasper...

And some earrings that "agree", again a vine motif...

This was the original concept model I got from just playing around a couple days ago...