Earrings that are Metal Only

Earrings made with Metal Only.

Contact the artist for pricing at: Gavotian@gmail.com

Sterling Silver Swirls SOLD

Sterling w/Copper Hearts
Sterling w/Bent Copper Hearts

Sterling Dangles w/Copper Hearts

Sterling Bent Hearts

Sterling Hearts
Sterling Hearts - dashed texture

Sterling Hearts - rough texture

Sterling Hearts - veined texture

Sterling almond-shaped, small, veined texture.

Sterling almond-shaped, large, veined texture.

Sterling Dangles w/textured Copper Hearts

Sterling textured squares - coordinate with necklace named "Alight"

Sterling "wisps" - coordinate with necklace "Wisps of Spring"

Sterling "scrolls" - coordinate with necklace "Bella Blue"

Sterling with Copper textured Butterflies

Sterling Dangles with Hearts
Sterling Dangles with Textured Hearts

Sterling S-Shape with Fine Silver Sphere
Sterling Rectangles, rough texture.
Sterling Rectangles, veined texture.

Sterling Heart-Vine Wrapped

Sterling long Heart-Vine

Sterling Triple Dangles with Copper Hearts
Sterling Triple Dangles with Textured Copper Hearts

Sterling twisted Heart-Vines
Sterling "Fish Hooks" - coordinate with necklace "Plunge"

Sterling Double Heart-Vines

Sterling Circled-Squares SOLD

Sterling Triple Dangles with 2 Copper & 4 Silver Hearts

Sterling Stem & Bud
Sterling Silver Triple-Dangle Hearts

Textured Copper Large Almond-Shaped

Textured Silver Large Almond-Shaped

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