Jewelry Gallery - Student work

This is a gallery of pictures of my jewelry work, done as a student, starting at the beginning…  I'm panning to start making pieces to sell soon, at that time I'll have a tab showcasing pieces for sale.

Early Student Work… done in my instructor's studio.

My first piece ever, a little silver ring made of 3 rings of sliver wire
that were textured with a hammer, soldered together into one piece.

My first pierced (hand sawn) piece, a little copper
heart, I bent it for interest.

My first bezel setting, with some fun & funky twists
of silver wire

My first experimental piece, a dark green cab stone, I prong-mounted it backwards
(prongs on the back) so I could get my initial on the front.

My first torch-fire enameled piece, also my first piece
formed with a press.  I pressed a daisy shape (the petals
curve forward) in a small piece of copper sheet, cut it
out, soldered on a bezel, torch fired white then blue,
set a small amethyst cab, made a cut little dangle out
of sterling wire.

This is a very experimental piece.  The background is a piece of sheet
sterling silver, dapped to form "bubbles", then pressed to bow outward
in a cloud-like shape, cut out, kiln-fired enamel.  The foreground is a
piece of sheet copper, hand sawn into the shape of a fish, a bezel
soldered on, torch fired with a clear enamel (let a pretty color of coper
show through), set with an interesting stone.  This reminds me of a
Picasso Trigger Fish (a favorite of mine).

Something for my Mom.  A piece of Lapis Lazuli set in
a bezel with some sterling silver wire ornament.

A beautifully colored Jasper, a strange partial-bezel
(experimental) & a twisty dangle...

This is probably the piece that gets the most comments… the stone on the
bottom "leaf" is a natural Porcelain Jasper stone that just happened to look like
 a scene with a mountain, tree, bird…  After setting it I decided to mimic the
back plate with a second "leaf", it is a Chinese symbol for peace.  Then I created
a vine to connect the piece to a rope chain.

My first backless bezel, a pretty piece of Agate,
simple but very eye-catc

Sterling silver wire, soldered into a flower-like form,
with a little Green Kyanite bead.

This was a piece inspired by experimentation, simply dropping pieces of wire and
seeing what formed.  Sterling silver wire & a bead of Red Creek Jasper.

Some earrings, sterling silver wire & Red Creek
Jasper beads.

First piece using some 1/2 round wire, a bit bulkier
than the wire I'd used previously (and thus a bit harder
to form, but with some interest).  Stone beads are dyed

Thank You gift for Aunt Diane, sterling silver wire &
a decorative snowman bead.

Thank You gift for Aunt Pat, sterling silver wire &
a decorative Santa bead.

First time playing with a Rolling Mill to add
texture… made into an unusual ring.

Textured & twisted into an odd wearable ring...

Out of my own studio, but still as a student...

Before having any soldering equipment, some twisted wire earrings and
a pendant made with Red Creek Jasper beads.

Two pierced (hand sawn) pieces, each with a saying & date stamped on
the reverse (not shown).

First time I used my pancake dies, dies used to cut shapes using my press -
the dies were made from my hand-sawn pieces.  Torch-fire enameled
 copper on a sterling chain.

First use of flat wire (bulky) to create a "frame", bent some die-cut hearts to
resemble leaves, added vines & a Pink Jasper stone.  I call this "Garden Wall".

Vine-like earrings.

Another piece for Mom, Turquoise that had previously
been mounted in a ring, remounted in a pendant.
Half-round wire was used to add a decorative element.

My most ambitious and difficult piece to date.  Sterling half-round wire, Red Creek
 Jasper stones mounted in backless bezels right up against the half-round
(very difficult to do), little bent leaf-like shapes.

Water Garnet set in a backless bezel with a little
vine decoration (front & back).

Torch-fire enameled copper, sterling hearts dangling
below, a decorative sterling wire twist.

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