Necklaces with Torch-fired Enamel

Necklaces that have Torch-fired Enamel on Copper, each adjustable to 16"/18"/20" lengths.

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Encircled by Love

Encircled by Love - Sterling Silver & Pink Torch-fired Enamel. - SOLD

Enduring Love:

Enduring Love - Sterling Silver & Teal Torch-fired Enamel (earrings sold separately).
Temporarily Unavailable

Love Grows

 Love Grows - Sterling Silver & Mint Torch-fired Enamel.
Spreading Love Around

Spreading Love Around - Sterling Silver & Red Torch-fired Enamel.
Ripened Love

Ripened Love - Sterling Silver & (custom) Peach Torch-Fired Enamel.

Love Sprouts
Love Sprouts - Sterling Silver & Green Torch-Fired Enamel.

Love So Sweet
Love So Sweet - Sterling & Fine Silver with Yellow Torch-fired Enamel,
 enamel was stone ground to a soft finish.

Lucky in Love
Lucky in Love - Sterling Silver & (custom) Blue Jean Torch-Fired Enamel.

Twists of Love
Twists of Love - Sterling Silver & (custom) Seafoam Torch-Fired Enamel.

Passionate Love
Passionate Love - Sterling Silver & Red Torch-Fired Enamel.


Darla - Sterling Silver & Pink/White/Yellow Torch-fired Enamel
Dizzy in Love
Dizzy in Love - Sterling Silver & Pink Torch-fired Enamel.

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