Girl's Necklaces

Girl's Necklaces - simple pieces, made of Sterling Silver with Semi-Precious stones.  Simple in construction, with shorter chains (13/15" adjustable) & at a lower price point than their more mature counterparts.

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First ImpressionSOLD

First Impression - Sterling Silver with dyed Impression Jasper.


Magnetism - Sterling Silver with dyed Magnesite.

Sweet Amy:

Sweet Amy - Sterling Silver with Amethyst.

Lacey's Heart:

Lacey's Heart - Sterling Silver with Lace Agate.

Playful Pink:

Playful Pink - Sterling Silver with dyed Quartzite.

 Sweet Adventures:

Sweet Adventures - Sterling Silver with Indian Aventurine.

Fern: SOLD

Fern - Sterling Silver & dyed Impression Jasper.


Chicklet - Sterling Silver & Amazonite.

Spring Sky:

Spring Sky - Sterling Silver & dyed Jade.

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