Thursday, December 6, 2012

Go Ahead and Drool...

I'm so excited, I made a large purchase and a big step toward getting my Studio set up…

Jeff has given me the go-ahead to set up a Studio here at home, so here's what I've gotten so far.

Some basic Tools & Supplies:

Larry (Wire Cutters), Moe (Flat-Nosed Pliers),
& Curly (Round-Nosed Pliers for making little curly bits)
Flat-nose Parallel action pliers (regular & chain tip),  Shears
Medium File, set of Small Files, Saw Blades & Hand Saw
Caliper, Bezel Roller, two custom Pancake Dies (custom)
Bench Pin with Anvil
Copper wire for practicing my wire work…
Do you see that huge coil of Copper Antenna Wire?  Jeff used to do Ham Radio, he doesn't anymore, but he found this lying around the Garage last week & out of curiosity asked "this wouldn't be of any use to you would it?"… I squealed like a schoolgirl!!  It is multi-stranded, and I have to separate the strands, but it's a gold mine of fine wire (gauge is finer than 22, probably 26-30) to play with… guess who gets to experiment to her heart's content!!  Go glad Jeff decided to clean up the Garage :)

On Order, Coming Soon… the BIG Purchase… should be here in a week or so...

An Adjustable Height Maple Topped Workbench
Can't wait for the bench to get here so I can get things set up & organized… SO Excited!!

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