Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Fresh Batch of Earrings...

I've been working on Earrings for the last several days, finally have some pictures to show....

Dyed Quartzite (color is like Red Grapes) with textured Sterling Silver on Posts.

Dyed Quartzite with fish-scale textured Sterling Silver.

Textured fish-scale Sterling Silver.

Rainforest Jasper (green).

Rainforest Jasper (gold).

Green dyed Impression Jasper with Textured Copper Hearts.

Pink dyed Coral with textured Sterling Silver.

Blue dyed Jade.

Sodalite with textured Sterling Silver.

Dyed pinks & purples Quartzite with textured Sterling Silver Hearts.

Sodalite with textured Sterling Silver.

Dyed pink Coral multi-dangles.

Angelite with textured Sterling Silver Butterflies.


  1. Great ideas. Simple, elegant, and inspiring for springboarding other ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  2. On your Pink dangles the the long eye pins are at different lengths how long is the longest one? And BTW! ALL of your earrings are Beautiful !!! Thanks Kathy Howington.

    1. Kathy, thanks for the inquiry, I will get them out & measure them for you later - at the moment they're packed away because of a show I had last weekend. You should hear back from me soon.

    2. Kathy, the longest eye pin is 35mm/1.4", the total length of the earrings is 60mm/2.3". Hope that helps, Annette