Monday, January 27, 2014

Way too long, and now to catch up...

Ok, you probably realized that after the boutique in Christmas I was wiped out... and then there was Christmas & family events in 3 different states (one east coast, one midwest, and one west coast)... December was a mad mushy MESS!!

But I'm still around, and I ended up taking my "stuff" to a conference last week, and I went crazy getting some Valentines stuff ready for that event... 'nuff said, here's the pictures, I'll update the "Items For Sale" another day, this is merely a pic-dump... interested just post a comment or shoot me an email at:

Conference setup:

These got sold before I got good pictures:

Textured Copper hearts with Sterling Silver in "Falling In Love" style.

Mid-sized sterling silver hearts.

Textured Copper hearts, otherwise sterling, triple-dangles.

I got this piece reworked & improved:

Heavy sterling silver 1/2 round wire & a custom made copper bead.
Now for lots of stuff that has hearts, either Silver or Copper or torch-fired enamel on Copper, all parts other than the hearts are Sterling Silver (there are a couple fine-silver custom made beads on one piece):