Friday, July 24, 2015

Another Path in the Garden...

A couple years ago I created one of my most difficult pieces... I learned a lot but at the time thought "I'm never doing this again!!"... and then, a family member asked me to recreate the piece with a couple variations... I couldn't say no... So...

Here is Garden Path II:

This is her predecessor (with earrings), so you can see the variations...

I was asked to use different colored stones which were a bit larger, but keep the piece the same overall size.  I was also asked to do a different sort of "leaf", and no earrings were requested.

Here's some pictures of the work as it was in process...

Using previous instructions from my first Garden Path,
 I cut heavy 1/2 round wire to size.

The Amazonite stones that had been selected, laid out in order.

Working on the leaves, the left is a rough-cut, the right is shaped/formed.

Leaves with their stems soldered in place.

Ready to shape some of the heavy wire.

Grinding down the heavy wire to form a tight solder joint.

She's taking shape.

Soldering the last piece of heavy wire in place.

Main Body soldered together.

Leaves soldered in place, Bezels created.
I only had 1 mishap... actually a series of mishaps... it was the first time I tried to solder the bezels in place... I got it figured out eventually...

Bezels soldered in place, ready to set the stones.

Stones set, ready for her sanding & polishing, then for a chain.

Here she is again, in final form...

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