Monday, April 18, 2016


Three new pieces, not anything that much different from previous items, but nice variations none the less...

This first is one of my double-leaf pendants, this one has a pierced Ichthus (Christian Fish Symbol) on the top leaf & a nice colored Blue Kyanite stone that has been embedded in the bottom leaf with a backless bezel.  Both leaves have a fish scale texture.  I call this one "Living Water".

"Living Water" - Sterling Silver with Blue Kyanite
Then there's "Lucy" - not at all presumptuous, just fun and playful... I made the center of her flower from a bit of Shibuichi (blended copper & silver) to give it a bit of color, that center has been coated with a protective coating to help prevent oxidation (copper oxidizes quickly).

"Lucy" - Sterling Silver with Shibuichi sphere
Finally there's "Sacrifice" a simple pierced single-leaf pendant (btw: the leaf on a single leaf pendant is larger than the leaves on the double-leaf pendants).  This was requested by a friend (I don't normally do requests) for someone special... I call it Sacrifice because the cross that has been pierced through appears to be stretching out its arms...

"Sacrifice" - Sterling Silver
I have another piece I hope to get posted soon, its another experimental ring... still trying to find something that really works for me in that arena... until next time!!