Necklaces with Bezel-set Stones

Necklaces with Bezel-set Stones, most have chains adjustable to 16"/18"/20" (exceptions noted below).

Contact the artist for pricing at:

Princess Penelope

Princess Penelope -  Sterling Silver with Fine Silver ornament (little spheres) & Porcelain Jasper.

Princess Apple Blossom

Princess Apple Blossom - Apple Jasper set in a combination of Fine & Sterling Silver.

Princess Deborah:

Princess Deborah - Red Creek Jasper set in Silver with a Copper decoration.

Queen Abigail: SOLD

"Queen Abigail" - Sterling & Fine Silver with Larimar.

Detail view of Pendant
"Queen Abigail"

Chocolate Drop

Chocolate Drop - Sterling Silver with unknown black/brown stone.
Center drop is not my work, it is an up-cycled sterling silver & stone piece from an old earring.


Sophia - Sterling Silver with Red Creek Jasper, this is one of my larger pieces.

Grace - Sterling Silver with Australian Lace Agate, this is one of my larger pieces.


Evangeline - Sterling Silver with Rhyolite Jasper, this is one of my larger pieces.

All Mixed Up
All Mixed Up - Sterling Silver, Copper Heart-Leaves & Bezel, with Red Creek Jasper.

Sweet Water
Sweet Water - Sterling Silver with Water Garnet.

Sweet Pod

Sweet Pod - Sterling & Fine Silver with Chrysoprase

Hippie Daisy

Hippie Daisy - Sterling Silver with Chevron Amethyst.
This is a rather large piece and is on a 20" chain (not adjustable).


Plunge - Sterling Silver & Sodalite.

Garden Path

Garden Path - Sterling Silver & Red Creek Jasper (earrings sold separately)

Tess - Sterling Silver & Jasper

Fruit of my Wild Imagination

Fruit of my Wild Imagination - Sterling & Fine Silver with Fuchsite Ruby.
This is alarge piece about 5" across.

Sugar - Sterling & Fine Silver with Lace Agate, satin finish.

Tranquility - Sterling & Fine Silver, Ocean Jasper,
spheres of Silver, Copper, & Shibuichi (Silver & Copper blend).


Grounded - Sterling & Fine Silver, Morrisite,
"boulders" of Shibuichi (a blend of Copper & Silver)


Aspire - Stering & Fine Silver, Bumble Bee Jasper,
spheres of Fine Silver.

Natural Wonder

Natural Wonder - Sterling & Fine Silver
with Fossilized Ammonite.

Kate - Sterling & Fine Silver with
Green Moss Agate


Felicity - Sterling & Fine Silver with
Pink Opal

Something Blue

Something Blue - Sterling & Fine Silver
with Dumortierite


  1. Hi Annette,
    You have just beautiful jewelry! I work with Bonnie Weber and I have seen some of your pieces. We have a person retiring and she likes unique pieces. She likes flowers and gardening. Looking at the Princess Apple Blossom necklace for her and would also like some earrings. Are you having any upcoming shows? Can you send me some pricing?
    Thank you,
    Mary Ramsden
    P.S. I also would like to purchase your fish hook earrings.

    1. Just sent you email, you should see a message from:

  2. So how do I go about ordering. Interesting in the aspire necklace in bezel pieces.