Monday, May 6, 2013

Shhhh… Don't Tell Mom!!

This is an experimental piece… and one I did for my Mom.. so DON'T TELL MOM… this is one of those times I'm glad Mom doesn't have a computer :)

This was my first time playing with resin… I attached an old photo (copy) of my brother & I to a wooden heart & topped it with some resin… then I set it in a silver bezel to which I had soldered a little heart-vine decoration… some things went wrong (I'm not telling) and it isn't perfect… but Mom will love it anyway - and if she wants I can fix it for her later (I don't have the supplies to fix it right now)...

I made some cute little heart-vine earrings to go with it… I think this will make Mom smile… I hope it makes her smile Really Big!!

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