Friday, February 28, 2014

Three New Items...

This is the latest of my Princess pieces, I call her "Princess Deborah".

Princess Deborah - Red Creek Jasper set in Silver, with Copper Sphere decoration.
Necklace is adjustable approximately 16"/18"/20"

This is the second of my Delicate Flowers, her name is Emily.

Emily - a mix of Sterling & Fine Silver, adjustable approximately 16"/18"/20".

This is my first Crazy Daisy, and she may be the last (she was trouble), her name is Darla.

Darla - Torch Fired Enamel on Copper, otherwise Sterling Silver.
Necklace is adjustable approximately 16"/18"/20"

After a variety of bumps in the road this week, its nice to get these three pieces finished today... until next time!

Yes, they're for sale... look for flower items under "Spring Things" in the sale area...

1 comment:

  1. Sorry friends, but Emily has already been spoken for (that was fast)... I'll be making more along the same lines soon...