Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Queen gets a Facelift & makes some new friends....

Occasionally this happens, a piece may look pretty in a picture but just doesn't wear well... that's what happened to Queen Abigail... this is how she looked before:

She's had a facelift, trimmed away her "double-chin" - the scrolls on the sides that looked terrible when worn... this is how she looks now:

Queen Abigail - Larimar, with a combination of Sterling & Fine Silver.

Queen Abigail - detail...
Not to worry, Abigail's a good citizen & donated her no-longer desirable bits to two new friends...

Meet Lady Blue, a member of the royal court... she got one set of scrolls:
NOTICE: Lady Blue has been discovered to have "issues" & will need to be reworked... that's what happens when I try new things... back to the drawing board!

"Lady Blue" - Sterling Silver with a faceted stone that might be Topaz (gifted to me),
adjustable to approximate lengths of 16"/18"/20".

Meet Comely Cross, she got the other set of scrolls:

"Comely Cross" - Sterling Silver, adjustable to approximately 16"/18"/20".

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