Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wisps of Spring...

Update: this set is for sale, click here to find out how to purchase.

One more in the Flores Encantadoras collection before I move on to other things, this one is "Wisps of Spring"…

Wisps of Spring - Sterling Silver and Amazonite

This lovely bloom is made from Sterling Silver, with an Amazonite stone bead.  I used Filigree, so this piece was a bit labor intensive, some simple filigree earrings were made to agree with the main bloom.  Whoops!! my picture has a twist in the chain (oops), but that happens to all of us from time to time.

Wisps of Spring - closeup
It took a while for me to name this one, for some reason it gave me trouble… all along I thought of it as "Wispy", but the stone of the bead is so unusual that I had trouble finishing the name.  Ok, so about the color of the stone: its a very green aqua color with whitish markings, Amazonite is quite a unique looking stone.

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