Friday, April 19, 2013

Just a tease...

…that's all I can give you here… and there's so much more!!

What am I going on about?  The American Craft Council Show!!  If you've not been you really should try to go to one of their shows (they are in at least 4 US cities through the year).  The one in St Paul continues through this weekend at RiverCenter.

Here's just a glimpse… there's so much more… and WOW!!
So Wonderful… So Inspiring… Some pictures (and links) to some wonderful artists, and I'm just scratching the surface (of artists & especially of their work)…

A lot of the fun was getting to speak to the artists about their work…

Ceramic by James Leslie of My Nature Ceramics.

Jewelry made of all sorts of unique materials by Tova Lund.   The piece above has tin, a stone that she carved, and I'm not sure what else.

Amazing glass sculptures by Cody Nicely, a young artist that does amazing work.

Wood with embedded broken glass wall art & other items by K. Daphnae Koop of Follow The Muse.  We had a nice conversation about "happy accidents"...
Light & airy jewelry by Beverly Tadeu, it was her birthday today… and she was very nice!

Amazing fun sculptures by Kent Epler of The Laughing Boy.  The picture above shows the artist with some of his work… he's a very fun character!!

Jewelry work by Keith Lewis, who encouraged me to find my own expression & have fun with it.  He also told me about "Sign Foam" - a recycled material that is lightweight & can be carved.

Crazy sea-life ceramics by Mary O'Malley.  She claims you can eat/drink from her items but I wouldn't… I can't imagine getting them dirty or trying to get them clean again… her work is very intricate...

Beautiful and unique jewelry, some using Coral Skeletons, by Janine DeCesenzo. We had a nice chat about materials & textures.

Copper masks that were other-worldly by Kest Schwartzman of Vagabond Metals - a very friendly young artist, I really enjoyed talking with her.

Ceramics by Andy Rogers… had fun chatting with him.

Up-cycled and unique jewelry by Gabrielle Gould, the artist (like her work) is a very approachable & friendly.

Amazing layered ceramic & metal jewelry by Beth Novak of Beth Novak Enamels, she was very encouraging & interesting to chat with.

Cloisonné by Frances Kite, she's been a jeweler for a long time, her work is exquisite - she took quite a bit of time to talk to me & was very sweet!!

And of course the amazing work of Jewelry Designer George Sawyer - I got to chat with his wife today - I've visited with them before (they're local) & always enjoy chatting with them.

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