Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Playful Hearts - Enduring Love

I mixed hearts & infinity symbols in this piece… Sterling Silver with a center heart of torch-fired enamel on Copper.

The chain used continues the motif since it is an infinity chain (alternating ovals & infinity shapes) and has two little silver hearts inserted, one on each side of the main pendant.  The earrings are simple little silver hearts.

The top of the central pendant is made from a piece of rectangular wire, this is both decorative and structural.

This set is available for purchase, click here for additional information.


  1. amazing! love this symbolic combination of hearts&infinity shapes

    1. Yes, because our True Love, the greatest love of all, is our God… and His Love is Infinite & Eternal!! Blessings to you dear friend, I hope to see you this summer when I'm in your area.