Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Whimsical Hearts...

I spent most of the day in the studio yesterday, with some reasonable results (I'm still a novice)…

The first thing I did was repair a few pieces of jewelry for my local Ten Thousand Villages store, I volunteer there & they knew I could solder silver… it's nice to have a practical use for my new skills!

Then I started playing around with some ideas for hearts… after all Valentines Day is approaching fast!!

I have a pancake dies that I can use to cut hearts of two different sizes (the dies were custom made from my hand-cut pieces), I can use these same shapes to make leaves as well (I love dual-purpose)…

So I cut out some Copper hearts, torch-fired some enamel onto them, and created these pieces:

Torch-Fired Enamel on Copper, Sterling Silver jump rings & oval link chain.

Torch-Fired Enamel on Copper, Sterling Silver connectors & ear wires.
Torch-Fired Enamel on Copper, carved Magnesite skull bead,
Sterling Silver wire & figure-8 chain

Torch-Fired Enamel on Copper, Sterling Silver connectors & ear wires,
Sterling Silver figure-8 chain.
It had been quite a while (almost a year) since I'd done any work with Enamel, and I've not done much previously, so it was good to practice this skill - lots of "hiccups" along the way but I'm pleased with the results!!

These pieces make me smile, I hope they make you smile too!!

I really need to make myself read my Camera's User Guide… the photos just don't do the pieces justice!


Update!!  I was reading my Camera's User Guide ('bout time!!)… and with a little effort got the following pics..

Pink Hearts set #1

Pink Hearts set #2

Hoping I can get better with the pictures over time!!


  1. Very pretty. Love you Aunt Pat

  2. Very pretty Annette. The second set of photos was really an improvement. You so so well at all you do. Love you, Sue Hillestad.

  3. Thanks Aunt Pat & Thanks Sue… Love You Both!!

    I'm still not sure these are "finished"… I've got some ideas to tweak these a bit, but we'll see… I'm letting them "rest" for now… :)