Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Favor For Mom

When I was a teenager my Dad bought my Mom & I matching Turquoise rings. Each had a rather large Turquoise stone which worked ok for me (I have large hands) but was huge on my Mom's slender hands (she wears a 4.5 on her ring finger).  My Dad passed away several years ago, so gifts from Dad are precious to all of us…

I knew Mom wasn't likely to wear the ring, so I offered to remount the stone in a pendant… I thought I'd do a double-heart motif, but that ended up being rather large & Mom doesn't go for large necklaces… so I called Mom & told her that wouldn't work, and she gave me carte blanche - that's right, she's not seen it & doesn't know what it looks like.  She'll only know what it looks like if one of her sisters shows her an online picture (which would be ok).

This piece challenged me, I was working with a heavy wire (that's a 1/2 round wire around the edges) and having to work it around the bezel.  Also I soldered the base of the bezel so that it would attach in the middle of the wire - on the back you can see that it's raised up in the center.

I've learned a few things, and hopefully I'll remember what I learned the next time I try a piece like this.  The hard work on this is complete, now I just need to get a lobster-claw clasp (I have some on order) and attach it to one end of the chain… then it will be ready to ship off to Mom - I hope she likes it!!

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