Friday, February 22, 2013

Building my Garden Walls

I've been doing much better, so I've been in the studio a bit this week working on a series based on a piece I had done that has gotten lots of nice feedback.  All pieces in this series are Sterling Silver with Pink Jasper.

Garden Wall #1 (Prototype), Annette's Garden
This was my Prototype piece which I originally named "Garden Wall", I've now repurposed that name for this series of pieces.  The stone is structural yet rugged, the frame reminds me of a mortar joint, then there are vines growing on the wall.  I paired it with a couple vine-like earrings to make it a set.  I've now modified the name to "Annette's Garden", since this reminds me of my gardens - somewhat loose in structure but still nice and tidy.  If you follow this blog (or follow me on Pinterest) you've likely seen this piece before.

Garden Wall #1, Annette's Garden closeup

Update: the following sets are now available for purchase, click here to find out how.

Garden Wall #2, English Cottage Garden
This is the second in the series, this is a bit smaller than the first, with a little square stone, paired with a short set of vine earrings.  Very neat and tidy this made me think of a cute quaint English Cottage Garden.

Garden Wall #2, English Cottage Garden closeup

Garden Wall #3, Wildflower Garden
This is the third in the series, with a small broken stone & purposefully "broken" frame implying an aged wall, with earrings that are a bit tangled.  This made me think of a Wildflower Garden, unkempt but beautiful in its natural imperfection.

Garden Wall #3, Wildflower Garden closeup

Garden Wall #4, Estate Garden
This is the fourth in the series, very neatly structured and tidy this evokes an Estate Garden, the earrings as well are very neat.  This is a well manicured and orderly garden, but one that has some history.  The wall itself though nice and neat has a gouge that naturally occurs with time.  The stone used had a gouge, and I purposefully gouged the frame to match (see detail photo below).

Garden Wall #4, Estate Garden closeup

Garden Wall #4, Estate Garden detail
I've moved on to other things for a while, but hope to build more Garden Walls in the future.

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